Turn knowledge into impact by participating in activities that promote allyship, raise awareness, and champion accessibility.

Real change happens when we take action. 

Ways to Play

Map 5 Parks

Explore 5 distinct parks, then add your reviews on AccessNow app to conquer this outdoor adventure.

Practice ASL

Dedicate time to learn American Sign Language and add some new phrases to your vocabulary.

Tag 25 Ramps

Discover 25 locations equipped with ramps by contributing reviews tagged with “Ramp” on the AccessNow app.

Map 10 Stores

Embark on a journey to explore and evaluate 10 diverse stores, sharing your experiences through reviews on AccessNow app.

Find an #AccessFail

Identify and document instances of accessibility shortcomings, contributing to awareness and advocacy efforts.

Add 5 New Places

Find 5 unrated places to add to AccessNow app. Include tags, photos, and a description in your review to complete this challenge.

Map 8 Restaurants

Explore 8 restaurants and add reviews on AccessNow app. Unlock a world of delicious dining experiences.

Explore VoiceOver

Engage with digital accessibility features by using the VoiceOver tool on your device.

Write a Letter

Write a letter to a local mp supporting a local movement or cause. Harness the power of words to inspire change.

Map in a Different Country

Travel and add insight to the AccessNow App with reviews in new countries.

Join Be My Eyes

Become a volunteer on the Be My Eyes app.  Connect with people needing sighted support.

Follow a Disabled Content Creator

Explore content by disabled content creators on social media.

Let’s Learn Together.

Questions? Email us at The Studio.

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At AccessNow our mission is to establish a go-to resource for accessibility information. We are building a connected platform to empower people to discover a world of accessible opportunities and remove barriers.

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