An innovative education program led by disabled content creators; discover the fundamentals of disability and accessibility by applying learning into action.
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Our Program

AccessStudio: Engage is a professional development and volunteer program designed to provide anyone with the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to understand key themes about accessibility.

Topics Covered

Accessibility & Universal Design

Inclusive Language

Disability Representation

Rights and Advocacy

Education Modules

Entertaining, relevant, and educational content delivered by people with disabilities. 

Active Events

AccessNow’s trademark MapMission exercises and many others activate empathy as a tool for learning. 

Guided Sessions

Guided reflections to solidify learning, build new connections and motivate sustained advocacy.  


Weekly Format


Start your week by immersing yourself in the weekly module’s web page. Dive into videos presented by members of the disabled community and explore accessibility-themed content.


Each week brings a fresh and exciting activity designed to help you apply the accessibility knowledge you’ve gained. No need to stress – these aren’t your typical homework assignments!


Join our exclusive Discord channel to share the results of your activities, participate in prompts from our team, and engage in discussions about the week’s theme.


Experience exclusive live talks hosted by disability leaders. While we encourage you to attend live, rest assured that recordings of these sessions will be available for you to access at your convenience.

Lesson Modules

portrait of spencer west. he is a bald man wearing chunky black framed glasses, and a red sweater. he is smiling sitting in his wheelchair

Accessible Worlds
with Spencer West

taylor smiles in her powerwheelchair. she wears red lipstick and looks polished in a black shirt and cream blazer

Disability Representation with Taylor Lindsay-Noel

heather smiles, she has brown long hair and wears a plaid dress

Centering Disabled Voices with Heather Hutchison

amar is a bipoc person. he smiles in a blue tshirt, holding his hands together on his chest

How to be an Ally with Amar Mangat

FINAL Activation

#MapMission Activation

Program Teaser

Contribute meaningful impact in your own community.

Gain real-world experience.



Lasting Impact

spencer west, a wheelchair user smiles as he appears on a laptop screen

Program Details

When: Our first cohort starts February 19, 2024.

Time Commitment: Cohorts run over 5 week periods (you can move through the program at your own pace and time).

Where: Learning modules are hosted online, accompanied by real-world activities that take place wherever you choose in your own community. 

Cost: This program is entirely free. We are nurturing the next generation of accessibility allies and you are invited to join.

General Questions

Why should I take this program?
  • You want to make a tangible impact in the world.
  • You want to volunteer your time in a meaningful way. 
  • You want to build your experiences for your professional profile. 
  • You are interested in accessibility but don’t know where to start.
What can I expect to learn?

Participants will learn about modern disability experiences and how to best advocate for accessibility. This education is less like reading a textbook and more like engaging in real-world discussions and experiences about accessibility. 

Will I get a certificate of completion at the end of the program?

Yes! Each participant who successfully completes the program will get a certificate of completion that can be put on a resume or LinkedIn profile. 

What is the time commitment for the program?

The program is 4 weeks of learning modules and 1 week of independent project time. You should expect about 1-2 hours of dedicated time to the program each week. 

Is this program entirely online/remote?

While the program is delivered entirely online, there is a requirement to take your learnings out into your community. All of the learning content delivered in the program is done online, including virtual live events, and peer-to-peer discussions. 

How much does this program cost?

The program is completely free!

What are the requirements for the program?
  • You must have access to a device with an internet connection and webcam.
  • Be willing and open to new things and ideas
  • Treat all participants with kindness and respect

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Let’s Learn Together.

Questions? Email us at the AccessStudio.


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At AccessNow our mission is to establish a go-to resource for accessibility information. We are building a connected platform to empower people to discover a world of accessible opportunities and remove barriers.

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